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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Between 1980 and 2013 I learned my trade as a story-teller and visual communicator working for experiential agencies and production companies. Starting as a content designer I produced animated audiovisual programmes for events. exhibitions and launches as well as brochures, presentations and marketing tools. In return, I learned about show production and theatre techniques. I then moved on to designing and producing events and all of the content that went into them. Bringing my love of storytelling meant that I would craft a journey for attendees from pre-arrival to last bag home. Without knowing it, I was already in the business of creating consumer journeys. These are just a few of the 600+ events I produced.


From the early nineties, I started to write proposals and pitch documents as well as scripts for video, copy for brochures and interactive media.  Along the way, my programme-making evolved into video and I acquired a bunch of digital skills. My introduction to Internal Communications or 'Field Marketing', as it was called then, started at the deployment end; delivering events, campaigns and communication tools to internal audiences. In the pursuit of a more cohesive and effective end-product, I encouraged clients to work with me to define the communications strategy from the outset. It was developing this experience that provided the bridge for me to cross to the corporate world, 20 years later.